Burrito Bowl Bar Birthday

For my sister’s 25th birthday, my mom and I decided to put together a Mexican themed party for her and some of her close friends. Every year her birthday celebrations fall on St. Patrick’s day weekend. I’ve never been one to really celebrate St. Paddy’s day (outside of the year I celebrated in Ireland!) so this was a great way to make the best of the weekend, and still avoid the crazy crowds and lineups that were happening downtown.  We wanted to make it extra special, so we were set on providing guests with a full spread (drinks/apps + a main + dessert).

We brainstormed a few different ideas for what type of meal we could do. We wanted something fun and delicious but also something that wouldn’t require too much prep work as we were feeding around 25 people. I came up with the idea of making our own burrito bowl bar so we could let guests take as much or as little as they wanted and really it was only the protein we had to prepare (besides chopping all the additional toppings). We went ahead and found an awesome burrito chicken recipe and a beef recipe. For toppings we had diced peppers, crushed doritos, shredded lettuce, chilies, corn, beans, cheese and salsa, sour cream and guacamole. For dessert, my aunt has always made me and my sister her signature confetti birthday cake with vanilla icing and sprinkles. I wanted to add a little something that kept with the Mexican theme we were going for, but wouldn’t take away from the cake. I decided to attempt this churro ball recipe. I definitely wouldn’t call myself an experienced baker, so during the process they turned into churro bites as I’m not quite sure how to make them keep their round shape (any tips are greatly appreciated!). However, I served them with warmed Nutella and they were a hit 🙂


We went to Party City for most of the decorations. What we decided on brought just the right amount of “tackiness” to the evening.


The cutest little pink flamingo lights.


Homemade red-wine sangria to start.


I wasn’t able to get a picture of the full-spread on the table because it was instantly crowded with guests who we’re patiently waiting to dig in 🙂


The finished product!


Time for dessert!









The birthday girl and her cake 🙂

I would definitely go with the idea of a burrito bowl bar for a party again! It was relatively easy and was a huge hit with the guests. Let me know if you have any other great entertainment ideas or meal ideas for feeding a larger crowd 🙂








Healthy Banana Muffins

I’m definitely a snacker when it comes to eating during the day. I love most snacks, but especially love snacks that are more on the unhealthy side (kettle chips are a serious weakness!). While I do enjoy fruit or veggies, sometimes I just need something with a little more substance for snacking. For me to keep healthy, it’s essential that I have healthy snacks on hand so I don’t find myself munching on chips or candy in-between meals.

I came across this recipe on Pinterest, which is where I find recipes for most things these days and it’s been a huge hit. My boyfriend and friends have tried them and all request the recipe so they can make them at home themselves. These muffins have no added sugar, so they are great to have in-between meals or even to have for breakfast with some fruit and Greek yogurt. They are full of flavour and not too dry which I love. I like to add some berries, dark chocolate chips and a scoop of protein powder to mine as it gives them a little sweetness and they keep me full for longer with the added protein.




Some of my other favourite healthy snacks include roasted chickpeas, homemade energy bites and kale chips! Recipes coming soon 🙂 What snacks do you like to keep on hand? I’m always looking for new ideas!