The Birkenstock Comeback

As we transitioned into Summer this year I came to notice that Birkenstocks were making a comeback and people were actually styling them in ways that I found to be very cute and practical. For the last few years I had always considered them to be “the ugly sandal”, however recently I have had a change of heart towards them. I decided it was time to get on board with the Birkenstock sandal and went out and purchased myself a pair. I was tempted by the new rose gold style or some other fun pattern (see here), but decided that it was best to choose a more neutral, practical colour so I decided on the matte black. After living in Vancouver for almost a year, I was constantly on the lookout for cute, comfortable shoes, that I knew I could walk a fair distance in. I did a lot of walking in my general commute so comfortable shoes were always important, which was only more incentive for me to embrace the comeback of the Birkenstock.

Below I have highlighted my 4 favourite ways for styling the Birkenstock sandal (images via Pinterest).

  1. Paired with a sweet, summer dress.


2. Skinny Jeans and a basic tee for a more casual look.


3. With a long, flowy maxi dress.


4. With overalls and an oversized sweater as a perfect transition into fall.


It’s safe to say that since I’ve made my purchase I’ve 100% changed my opinion on the sandal. They are comfortable, practical and can look very cute in the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. I would highly recommend them to anyone! One thing to keep in mind is they do take a little while to break in so it’s best not to buy them right before you go on vacation. Give yourself a week or two to break them in before you decide to spend an entire day walking around in them in a foreign city 🙂

How do you guys feel about the Birkenstock sandal? I’m always looking for new ways to style mine 🙂



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