Pop of Red

I’ve always been a big fan of colour. In interior design, in what I wear, in my food, in everything! I remember when I was twelve years old I found a bedspread I liked at IKEA and my parents were letting me choose the colours I wanted to paint my room (big mistake!). I decided I wanted two walls aqua blue, one wall lime green and one wall a darker aqua. How do you even sleep in a room that bright?! I loved it at the time, but thinking back on it, it definitely wasn’t a wise choice for my bedroom.

In terms of fashion, over the last few years I’ve found it difficult because I had so much colour in my closet, putting outfits together was proving to be a challenge. I started focusing more on basics that I could add colour to easily to make my wardrobe a little more wearable. Things like various washes in jeans (dark, light and everything in between), jean jackets, black jeans, black faux leather jackets, and basic tees (black, white and grey). These pieces make it easier for me to add colour to my outfits without it being overbearing like my room was in 2002.

You may recognize this outfit as it was from my semi-recent day trip to Seattle. I knew it was going to be a beautiful, sunny day so it was the perfect opportunity to break out this red-coral top (similar here) I purchased last summer at Pull & Bear in France. I love the  lace detail and cutwork along the neckline and the way it hangs off the body. It wasn’t quite warm enough to wear it without a jacket so I paired it with my faux leather jacket and my light wash jeans and converse (we did a ton of walking this day!). I like the contrast between the feminine details of the blouse and edginess of the jacket, all while remaining comfortable and fun.






Me and my gigantic cup of chocolate and vanilla twist frozen yogurt! We finished off the day with this and I couldn’t of been happier 🙂

Do you like to incorporate colour into your wardrobe or do you prefer to focus on neutrals?




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