The Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox

I recently completed the Wild Rose Herbal 12 Day D-Tox. Like most people, once to holidays come to an end, I usually try to clean up my eating and give my body a little bit of a detox to start the new year. I’ve tried several different ones over the last few years including the master cleanse and various juice cleanses  To date, The Wild Rose has definitely been my favourite!Garden-of-Life-Wild-Rose-Herbal-D-Tox-Kit-658010116671

The cleanse is a 12 day program and you can purchase the kit online (pictured above) or at your local health and wellness store. I got mine after speaking to a few people who had completed it and had heard it was by far the most popular cleansing program in the country. I had done a lot of research online before starting so I could have some meals planned ahead of time. While you can eat during the cleanse, your foods are pretty limited (you essentially eat vegan during the cleanse). No dairy, no gluten, and nothing processed. That being said, I came across a lot of really creative recipes which were so delicious I have been incorporating them into my diet even after completing the cleanse. If you want to read more about the cleanse and how it works, check out the website here.

Below I have listed a few of my favourite dishes, that became staples, during the 12 day D-Tox.

Baked Oatmeal 

Baked Oatmeal

(image via Pinterest)

Oatmeal is definitely a perfect breakfast during the cleanse. I started making just regular stove top oatmeal, with berries and almond milk (no honey, maple syrup or sugar allowed), but I got a little bored by day 3. I decided to look up an Oatmeal Bake recipe and found one that was berries (of any mixture), gluten-free organic oats, 1 egg and almond milk. It was delicious! I ate this most mornings topped with organic almond butter.

Almond Butter


(image via Pinterest)

Almond Butter was definitely a saviour during the cleanse. Peanut Butter (even organic, 100% natural) isn’t permitted so Almond Butter was a great substitute. I ate Almond Butter and rice cakes topped with blueberries as a snack during the day.

Lentil Soup 

Lentil Soup

(image via Pinterest)

I’m a pretty big fan of lentils anyway so when I found out they were permitted during the cleanse I was very relieved. I made a vegetable lentil soup which lasted me for about 5 days of lunches during the cleanse. It was fresh, filling and gave me a lot of energy throughout the day. I didn’t use any broth but mixed lentils, a variety of vegetables (including carrots, tomato, and spinach) with water and spices and let it boil for a few hours.



(image via Pinterest)

Popcorn was 100% my favourite snack during the cleanse. I was shocked to see it was even on the list of foods permitted. I used the non-buttery regular microwave popcorn, and even tried adding various spices to give it more flavour. During the D-Tox you can be really creative with spices as they are another ingredient that you’re encouraged to experiment with.

Overall, while the D-Tox was definitely a challenge, I am happy with the results and the overall process. It not only made me feel refreshed and ready to tackle the new year, but it made me more aware of foods I eat on a regular basis. For anyone looking to complete the cleanse, I recommend going out a few days beforehand to make sure your fridge and cupboard are stocked with all the foods that are permitted. If you find yourself out in the middle of the day without snacks on hand, finding good, healthy snacks that are allowed during the cleanse is definitely a challenge. I found it easiest to stick to home cooked meals and avoided restaurants.

Once you have completed the cleanse, it’s important to very slowly incorporate the foods you had avoided during the 12 days back into your regular diet. Your body isn’t used to digesting those foods so if you got out and eat a burger and fries on your first day after being done the cleanse, it probably won’t make you feel so great.

Questions, comments or concerns about cleansing? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic!




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